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Movies produced so far:


The Simmons Store Journal 1936

Host Alecia Mitchell

Directed by Stan Gentry,

Produced by Bob Vogler


The first actual Movie -- we learned a lot on this one

I've Been A Very Bad Girl

Starring Alecia Mitchell


Written and Directed by Stan Gentry

Filmed and produced by Bob Vogler

an SEG Production


2nd Movie - then we learned more, but got into technical issues

Evil Waters

Written, directed, and produced by Alecia Mitchell

Filmed by Bob Vogler, Allan Vogler, Alecia Mitchell

(still in production)


3rd Movie - was a success, with a lot of volunteer work, and no budget

View and Purchase Annnnnnd Cut

Starring Blake Leftwich as Dorian Klien


Directed by Rick Deezel

Written by Billy Holiday

Filmed and Edited by Bob Vogler

Music tracks by

Allan Vogler & Scott Dawson

and other listed bands

Produced at

Vogler Studios

in association with

LCO Productions


Scenes while shooting movie #4, on hold for possibly a re-write







Three more movies in the works -- not in production yet on any of these.


Any wannabe actors out there, that work cheap -- call me.

Bob Vogler 336-710-0843


Check out my latest movie script -- on hold waiting for talent

(I need 3 open-minded college-age women actors to star in this movie)

Vacant House



Bob Vogler, Producer


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