Vacant House

The movie "Vacant House" is a supernatural fiction movie about 3 college girls that move into a house, in which the owner had mysteriously disappeared. The house seems to be haunted as the girls experiment with psychic power of mushroom roots. A local witch has given the students a recipe to enable them to have increased psychic powers and the ability to read each others mind. As they discover -- the human mind is not always predictable, and experimenting with unknown powers can be deadly.

This is PG fictional film with some blood and guts.


The following short clip was filmed at the house in 2009 with actors Brandy and Ashley. While I prefer to work with amateur actors, this clip illustrates some of the mistakes new actors make, like looking directly at the filming camera (never look at the camera, unless you are having a conversation with the audience).

The clip begins as 2 of the college girls drive up to look at the house. Bob's cousin Big Dog is at the door to meets the girls and to explain the rental details -- that one room must remain locked as a condition of the cheap rental rates. The girls look over the place and discover a room pass-through from the laundry room into the locked bedroom.


Scene II

The clip continues with the girls digging up mushroom roots on the college campus, to bring them back to the house.


Scene III

Ashley walks out of the hall bathroom, and into her room, and gets into bed. As she is sleeping, she has a nightmare of someone trying to cover her with the mushroom roots -- then suddenly awakes to discover that it's only a dream.


This short clip is a directors cut, NOT FOR PUBLICATION -- and is intended to illustrate some of the film's concepts.





The script follows:


Rev. 060630

Vacant House
- Bob Vogler, writer/producer

[[[Opening Scene]]]

INT (Dan looking out the window, waiting for the Realtor to arrive.)

I wish she would come on.
I can't wait around here all day.
It's already past my dinner time.

(The Realtor, Jennifer Smith drives up)

DAN continues:
Oh, here she is...

(Jennifer walking up toward the door.)

Hey there.

Hello. Are you Dan Rogers?

That's me - glad you could make it out.

Thank you for coming by.

(Jennifer is beginning to walk through and look over the house)
DAN continues:
Bob asked me to take care of the place,
and then left me with power of attorney.

(Dan shows Jennifer the power of attorney paper)

I wondered if he's running from the law or something,
but he's been gone a long time.

(Jennifer goes down the hall, to look at the other rooms)
(Dan follows her, to answer any questions she may have)

This place needs painting - needs carpet too actually.

I met Bob about 5 years ago - he dropped by my office
Then he asked me to have lunch with him sometime.
But we never went out.

Seems like everybody is single these days.
I like being single again myself -
And about the only thing I miss
are the good back-rubs my Ex used to give me.

(Dan smiles - unsure just of her intentions of telling him this)
(when he turns back around he sees a glimpse of Jennifer)
(entering one of the bedrooms).

(As he comes to the bedroom, he sees Jennifer lying there),
(Oh this feels good (she smiles at Dan), it's been a tough day)

(Dan ignores her comments, and walks on by to the next room)

Well, this is the bedroom that I told you about.

(Jennifer gets up, and walks out to see the next bedroom)
(then leans over a couch, and looks out the window.)

(Dan glances at Jennifer, then turns and walks back down the hall)

DAN continues:
I don't know what's in the locked bedroom,
but it needs to stay locked up.

What does it take to get your attention?
We're here alone, and you're practically ignoring me.
Do you want me to rent this place for you or not?

Ah, yeah, well ah… I got a girlfriend that's really jealous.
I gotta watch how I act around other women.
She gets upset if a woman even leaves a note
on my answering machine.

Oh man you got it bad.

(Jennifer shaking her head, as she gets in Dan's face)

JENNIFER continues:
So, are you in love with the woman?

Yeah, well of course I am.

Okay - I see.
Back to business then.

(Jennifer continues walking through the house)

A college girl just called me last week
said that she and her 2 friends were looking
for a place out of town - kinda private.

The girls have some kind of outside lab experiment
that they want to do next semester.

College girls huh?

This can't be no party house.
Don't want to have to rebuild this place.

(pause as Dan ponders the situation)

I guess if they don't have guys out here.

Can't be no guys living here, girls are okay I guess.

(another pause with a serious look on Dan's face)

Well like I said, there are a couple of rooms
that are closed and locked,
and they will have to stay that way.

DAN (continues):
The master bedroom is locked,
and a storage room downstairs.

I don't know what's in these rooms.

…I know the master bedroom
used to look like a NASA control room,
with computers, video monitors, and recorders.

When we built this place,
He wanted to wire all the rooms separate,
and we put in a bunch of wires --
they run all over the house.

Bob was always hooking up something new.
he's put sensors everywhere, and some
that turn on lights when you walk in front of 'em.

(Dan walks over, and gives Jennifer the house key)

Here's the house key.

Is it the same key for all the doors?
Yep, except for the master bedroom.

I really appreciate you helping me out.
I'm not in town enough to handle all the details
of renting the place myself.

Call me if something comes up.
…just leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Okay, I'll talk to the girls,
and see if they agree with the locked rooms.

I'll let you know what they think.

Okay, thank you.
Let me know if anything comes up you don't know about.


was pg6/48 [[[Scene 2]]] INT - living room

(Jennifer meets with the girls at the house)
(but she is getting ready to leave)

Okay, I know you're excited about finding a place,
but remember Dan says Bob is a finicky guy,
and he don't want things messed up.

Dan said that you could call him to help
if you had problems with something,
but he won't drop by unless you call him.

Dan's nick-name is 'Big-Dawg' -
I think he's harmless - but he does like women.

He travels a lot on business,
and he's not in town much.

If you can't reach Dan, you can call me
…but please - not about every little thing.

All Girls:
Okay, thank you!!!

We did it!
Finally a place of our own!

Yeah, just wait till you have to make
those rent payments on time
…that'll take some of the fun out of it.

(Holly pushes Maggie & smiles)

You know what I'm talking about - it's reality time.

My boyfriend is not gonna like it
that I'm living on my own, with out him.

(Maggie turns toward Ashley)
You need to be independent of guys
…they wanna control everything,
and they'll screw up your head if you let 'em.

Yeah, they sweet-talk you into something stupid,
then you turn around
and they're hittin' on another woman.

Not all guys are like that!

Oh Really????

Oh Really????

My boyfriend wants us to get a place together,
but I'm just not ready to settle down yet
…know what'm saying?

Yeah man, I don't want to be chasing kids
around the house when I'm 22
…there is stuff I gotta to do first.


I don't think a girl has to settle nowadays
…we can do pretty much anything a guy can.

My mom told me, it's a whole different world
than when she was my age.

(Ashley looking at herself in the mirror)
Do you think modeling is a sellout?
I know guys want to see our bodies
…that's the way their heads work.

I want to see a guy's body too
…just not all-the-time.

I've been doing some modeling
…but I'm not sure what I think
about guys looking at me as a physical thing,

-- but the money's good, and I like attention.

Okay, so how do we pick which room
…and be fair about it?

Draw straws?

We have 3 vacant rooms
…the one at the end of the hall is
the only room with 2 windows.

Bedroom 2 is really small - who is the smallest?

Ya mean boob-wise or height?


[[[Scene 3]]]

(all three girls are sitting at the kitchen counter talking)

Why do you think they are renting
this place so cheap?

Ya think it's haunted or something?

I don't know, the realtor lady said
that the owner just disappeared,
but left a note with his cousin
to take care of the place while he's gone.

I know, but that was years ago
…and he's never come back.

Don't that seem strange?

Yeah it does, but everybody is strange at times.
Just like all of us - don't you think we're a little strange
for wanting to rent a place by ourselves
with no guys around?

What if the boogie-man comes? Who is gonna protect us?

Ha! Boogie man!

We'll just boogie with him till he can't boogie no more.

Boogie men are cool.

Maggie, have you been playing with the mushroom roots again?

Nah, I couldn't find 'em.
Where did you put those things anyway
…you know we need those roots
to get our lab experiment going.

I hope they're still alive wherever they are.

I had to bury them at the school
…they were getting too hot in our apartment.

Hey did you notice how cool it was downstairs
in that little room where the drums are
…that room is perfect to grow our roots.

Hey that fits - the roots of my music
will be derived from mushrooms.
…then my sounds will explode with psychic energy,
and mesmerize my audience.

You're cute Maggie - did I ever tell you that?

Yes dear, you did - but it's you
…you inspire me to try different things.

We'd better go get those roots,
before some dog digs them up - come on.

Y'all go ahead, I want to look around this place a little
…I'd like to know if we have 'other' things living here
…like rats or squirrels.

I heard a noise in the other room a while ago.

Are you sure you want to explore by yourself?
You're not usually the brave one.

If I see anything, I'll call our "Big Dawg" landlord.
I think he can handle about anything I'll find here.

Yeah, well you'd better call him before you start looking,
'cause he said he's mostly out of town.

I'll be fine - y'all be careful getting those roots

If the college dean sees you,
he'll never let you leave campus with those things.

No problem - I'll just stare at him
…that works on most guys.

They don't know what kind of message
I'm trying to send.

And I don't know myself - I just know it works.

When guys look at me, I just let 'em look.
It's part of the confidence thing
that I've developed as a performer.

Yeah, we know you have confidence,
and we know you can sing.

So how come you like these mushroom things so much
…is that where you get all that confidence?

Nope, I like chewing on the roots,
but my confidence has always been there - come on.

(Maggie turns to Holly, as she walks out).

(Ashley start looking around, checking drawers, etc.)

Dern! -- it looks like someone was living here yesterday
…'ol Big Dawg has done a good job of keeping this place livable.

Forks in the drawer, pots on the counter
…this place don't look abandoned.

(phone rings)

…and even the phone works!


Dan: (on the phone)
Hey. I see the phone is working.
This is Dan. I wanted to let you know
I'll be in town today and tomorrow.

I had the phone turned back on
…cell phones don't work too good out there.

Thanks Dan,
it's nice of you to check on us.

Well, I just wanted you to be able to call someone
if you see a "wooly-booger". Heh heh

Nah…I'm kidding, but when Bob and I were building that place
we heard something moving around down in the woods.

It sounded big by the way the brush cracked,
and at the time, it made us a little jittery.

We thought it was a bear or something,
…but we never did see it.

I'm not trying to spook you,
but if you hear anything like that, just call me.

Okay, thanks again - I think we'll be fine. Bye.

(The TV mysteriously comes on - Dog barks on TV - Ashley jumps)

Oh gees - all he 'did' was spook me!
Think I'll wait till Mag and Holly get back.
Thanks Dan!

[[[ Scene 4 ]]]
(Maggie and Holly looking for the mushroom roots place)

I can't remember which tree it was.
It all looks the same now.

Are we in the right forest?

Yes Maggie, I swear it was right here somewhere.

Okay, this is it.

(Maggie steps on a stick & it cracks. )
(A guy jogging by, stops and looks toward the girls)

Hold on, a guy is looking over here.
Quick, hug me - he'll think we're lovers fooling around.

(Maggie hits Holly on the arm).


Holly! That looks like Jim.
I don't want Jim to think we're lovers!

And do you want to be locked up?
You know we can't let anyone know about these roots
…we'll all be canned for sure.

Well, it was a stupid idea to take these things
out of the lab anyway.

Okay, he's another fool - he's walking on.
That's not Jim anyway.
I don't see anybody else.

(Holly and Maggie digging in the leave-covered ground)

HOLLY continues:
Here they are - just like I left 'em.
Quick, lets get the roots, and get outta here.

They look like they were doing fine in this dirt.

Yeah, but they will do better
when we can feed these babies some blood.

Who told you how to grow these things anyway?

Don't you remember that woman
that came to one of your shows?
You didn't get to talk to her much,
but she told me all sorts of things
about the magical powers that mushroom roots have,
if you grow them in a bed of rich dirt,
and mix in some real blood.

Yeah, I remember her - she was spooky
…she looked at me weird while I was singing.

Okay, this is all of 'em.
Do you see anybody else looking this way?

Nah, you're slick Holly -
no-one but me knows how really evil you are.

I'm not evil - just curious,
I want to know about all the weird stuff
…it's really interesting to me.

You know, all the witches used to have so much power
…back before doctors knew anything
it was the witches that healed everybody.

Yeah, I know. Are you a witch then?
I'm learning more about you all the time.

That's why I like hanging with you
…you're open-minded about so many things.

(Holly and Maggie gathering up the mushroom roots)

Wonder if Ashley has found anything interesting at the house?

Wonder if she has locked herself in the bathroom. [laughs]
She seems a little unsure of herself to me
…but really nice though.

Yeah, I like Ashley.
Ya think she's open to experiment with this witchy stuff?

It hard to say. If she could lose that boyfriend, then maybe.

We'll give her a psychic test. It IS our lab-project isn't it?

You're funny - does anybody in your family
know you fool around with hocus pocus stuff?
…I mean, my family would lock me up,
if they knew all the stuff we talk about.


[[[ Scene 5 ]]]

(back at the house - Ashley is lying on the kitchen counter)
(looking up at the ceiling light)

Ash - what are you doing?

I'm trying to imagine what it's like to be on an operating table
with a bunch of people all around me, working to save my life.

Lady, you're out there.
And I thought you were the straight one.

I am straight -- to a point,
but I still think about a lot of things.

I know you and Holly are not exactly
miss goody goody two shoes.

But that's why I wanted to get to know you better.

I've got a wild streak too,
and I keep it under control most of the time,
but it's still there.

Hey, hey girl - I mean "Foxy Lady"!

It may be this house -
I get a weird feeling when I come into the kitchen.

Oh, Dan called. Said he wanted to check up on us. (big smile).

I bet he does -- Did he come by?


No, he just called - said that he'd be in town
for a couple of days.

He sounded really sincere -
not like a pervert or something.

He didn't mention coming by - unless we needed him.

Oh, he did ask me if I had seen any "Wooly Boogers".

Wooly boogers! - is that something like a boogie man?
…hey Maggie! Ashley says Dan's got a boogie man for you.

No, no - he just said when he helped Bob build this place,
that there was 'something' out here,
…but that they never saw it - only heard it moving around.

So did Dan sound like a party animal?

Nah, he seemed careful with his words
which could be that he's shrewd,
or that he didn't want me to get the wrong idea.

Well you know I've found
that most guys are driven by one thing,
and they have a hard time -
(Holly looks at ashley) -
getting past that.

Did you ever see that movie that
talks about guys going on a date with a loaded gun?

…there is so much truth to that - it's like their brain is fried,
until that is out of the way.

And you don't like hard bodies???

Hmmm - well, hmmm….(smiles, then laughs).

…Sometimes, muscles can be useful
…but I like a brain to go with it. Maggie, help me out.
Why don't we like guys?

I like guys! But I don't want a guy, just to have a guy
…and some guys don't get it.

Too many guys try to impress you with this or that,
being a dope head, or trying to be MTV cool
and boss you around --that don't get it with me.

Hey Maggie - lighten up.

(Holly walks into the other room)

It's more about the person, and how they treat me.
I'm an equal and I want to be treaded like one,
and respected for who I am.

We're getting awfully serious here!

Yeah, okay, let do something goofy.

Tell me about those weird mushroom roots.

Where are they anyway?

Holly put them in a damp corner downstairs,
…but she didn't add the blood yet.


Yeah - Holly learned all this stuff
from a woman that came to one of my shows.

And what happens when you add blood?

(Holly is standing at the door)

Holly - can you explain this stuff
…I don't know enough about it.

(Holly walks over)

When you add blood to the mushrooms
they absorb the psychic of the person donating the blood,
so then when someone else
absorbs the juice of the mushroom roots,
that person becomes much closer to understanding
the psychic of the donator.

This is how Maggie and I have become so close.
It can be scary to know what someone is thinking
before they open their mouth,
but that's the way it is with Maggie and me sometimes.

Yikes, I don't know if I want to be 'that' close to someone
…my thoughts are my own.

But it's not like that
…it's more like being instantly understood,
and you feel so close to that person.

But it only last for about a day,
then you have to re-absorb the root
to get that connection going again.

We stole the mushroom roots from a lab experiment
to get our first start.

They told us in class
that a lot of the witches used to use mushrooms
in their concoctions,

…and I swear that woman at your gig was a witch -
I know she was.

Here's the trick part

You can get a little effect from chewing on the root,
but you get a lot more absorbed if you cover your body
with a mixture of the mushroom roots
that has been mixed into a sauce.

Sounds weird, but that's why
we need a third person in the house.

The power doubles for each additional person.

Usually just one lies on the table,
while the others spread the mixture
over the body of the spreadee. (smile)

You don't have to get nude,
just that the more skin that's covered, the deeper the effect.

And then you have to light candles, hold hands,
and say some witchy words

(Ashley looks really confused)

And here's one more thing,
the more often you do this
the more understanding you have.

That's why those witches seem to be so smart.
And this relates to music as well -
that's why Maggie likes it,
it lets her be more creative and deep.

you know that my brain is fried enough for one night
…tell me some more witchy stories tomorrow -

(Ashley walks out of the room)
ASHLEY continues:
I'm headed to bed.

Sleep tight Ash (smiles)

Want us to come watch you sleep?

No thanks. Goodnight Mag - Holly
…I think I'll take a quick shower first.

Have you tried the shower yet?

I left my stuff in there, but you can use it if you want.

[[[ Scene 6 ]]]

(Ashley, wearing a bikini underneath, goes into her room
Discarding her clothes, but looks around as she does,
Because she feels like someone is watching her.
She wraps a towel around herself, and walks to the bath.
unwrapping the towel as she walks in (shot of the back of her legs)
as she steps into the shower.
(Cuts to Maggie & Holly yakking for a period of time,
then back to Ashley coming out of the bathroom with
the towel wrapped around her.
- puts on sleepwear then goes to bed.
Cuts back to Maggie & Holly yakking about school.
After a period, camera cuts back to Ashley

Later that night - Ashley is tossing and turning in her sleep - dreaming.
In her dream, she sees herself lying on the kitchen counter, as she had been when Maggie and Holly returned -- but now they are looking at her intensely - first Maggie, then Holly smiling - as they smile they are asking Ashley to touch the mushroom roots. Ashley reaches up to touch the root, and notices something red on Maggie's lips - at first it looks like bright red lipstick, but then it starts to drip from her lips. Holly leans over Ashley to get her attention, and Ashley notices that Holly also has the blood red lips, with as blood is also dripping from her chin. Ashley's eyes become intense as she closes her eyes and tries to wake from her nightmare.

The camera is focused on Ashley, but fades to Maggie with blood on her lips, and back to Ashley - then to Holly with blood running down her chin, then back to Ashley body - covered with blood.

(Ashley wakes for a moment, and finds that there is no blood on her. Frightened and breathing hard, she sits up in her bed and looks around. Everything is quiet.)

(Ashley, still scared, whispers.)

where are you guys?


(No response, the place is quiet. Ashley lies back down, )
(afraid to close her eyes, but she knows it's only a dream.)

(camera cuts to Maggie and Holly, downstairs -)
(looking at the mushroom roots.)

Maggie, why are you whispering?

Because I don't want to wake Ashley
couldn't you tell she was frightened
by the things we told her about these things?

There's nothing to be scared about
it's just blood and mushrooms.

(Holly looking down at the mushroom roots)

HOLLY continues:
Hey, I think the mushrooms are ready for your blood.

Oh Gees Holly, this is the part I don't like.

Well, I know, but it's the only way to make it work!

I won't cut too deep - ready?
Okay, hold your leg over here.
Good - say Cheese!

How many times did the witch say we had to do this
before we become an all-knowing, all-seeing
full-blooded witch?

We're not gonna become a bitch - I mean witch (smile)
…we're just getting closer to the truth.
It's what everybody searches for.

And if we don't become bitches -
what do we become? Fools?

I'd say we're pretty close already!

What's the matter, don't you love me no more?

(Maggie jumps)

Sorry babe. Here hold this against it.

(offers Maggie a piece of mushroom).

What is love anyway - I thought I found it once, then poof!
(pressing the mushroom against her leg)

(comes into the room & sees Holly and Maggie)

ASHLEY: What the hell are you two doing???

Hey Ash - um… me and Mag were just doing
what we told you -
adding a little blood to these babies.

I thought you were just trying to scare me.

You really do add blood to these things?!

Yuk, Barf, double barf!

I told Holly that we're becoming fools
or bitches (I mean witches) -
and I don't know which is closer.

Do you know that you two psyched me out - totally
…I mean, I had a nightmare of you two.

You had blood running out of your mouths,
hovering over me like a psycho vampire?
Is that what you two are - vampires?

Of course not - vampires can't be exposed to daylight.
You've done see us both at high noon.

Yeah, and we didn't even have a shoot-out.

Y'all are two weird chicks.

Don't you wanna get weirded out with us?

I don't know.
If I want to know more about you two
do I have to spread my blood on the mushroom roots?

Yep, that's the chill.
And you have to smile when you bleed for us? (smiles)

Then I can become a bitch (I mean a witch) too?

Holly says we're not witches,
and we're not vampires -
and we definitely not Ho's.

MAGGIE: (said in a rap)
"We put the root in the goop, an mix it with a scoop"
"Add your blood to the crud, and make a little soup."
"Spread the soup on your body, and cover lotta skin"
"When your mind gets smoked, you wanna do it again"

Alright Maggie! - inspiration is hitting.

You know it, babe.

Should I leave you two alone?

We could make it a three-some! (smiles)

I think it's back to bed - bring on the blood!

I think Ash is getting with it.

(Ashley wiggles her butt as she walks out of the room)

Okay, Holly - now it's your turn -
gimme that leg.

(Ashley turns her head
when she hears the last comment, but keeps walking)

[[[ Scene 6a ]]]
(candles are burning, Ashley is lying on the kitchen counter as Holly and) (Maggie use brushes to paint the mushroom sauce all over Ashley's body)

Do you feel any different Ash?

I think it's cold.

The witch said to let yourself relax,
and let the mushroom spirits enter your body.

The spirits are just me and Mag -
we won't let anything weird happen.

Okay, now all together say hum
and hold the hum as long as you can.


Let our spirits merge, and become one.


Mmmmmm, okay, I'm getting relaxed.

(Ashley's eyes are closed, as she inters a dream-like state)

(Ashley mumbles) I wish James were here.

(Holly has a disappointed look on her face)
(Maggie starts laughing)

(Maggie turns to Holly)

Did you forget the lady bug wings?

Ashley's in love with James - she not connecting with us.



[[[ Scene 7 ]]]

(Maggie fooling with some new lyrics on the guitar)

MAGGIE: (sings a new song "If Only")

"If you only knew, how I felt about you - if only"
"If times could change, I could be there today - if only"
"If only -- these two words are holding me now - but how - if only"
"If I say these words, and you don't feel my love - then it's only -- me again"
"It's just me again - no more being friends, no more being friends…"

"So I can't say the words that say how I feel"
"I can't lose your love, and lose something real"
"If only - that's how it is - If only - if only"
"That's how it is - if only, if only, if only"

Mag - that's beautiful. When did you write that?

I wrote it last night -
something that I've thinking about for a while now.

You know how you get caught up in things,
and then sometime it's hard to express how you feel.

That really pretty - that's the way I feel sometimes -
it's like you think you know about a relationship,
you think you know what the other person is thinking -
but you don't really know -
and you don't want to spoil what you have,
so you hold back
and don't really tell someone everything you're thinking.

Yeah, that's a hard call.

(Holly looks at Maggie - Ashley walks up):


Hey guys - I heard you singing Maggie.

You should sing that at open mic this week at my club -
we have an acoustic night, and that song would be perfect.

I could introduce you to Mikki - she plays Bass,
is really cute, and dances around all over the place.

You two might hit it off, and do some gigs together.

(Holly gets a serious look on her face)

Umm… Maggie, do you remember that last Bass player -
just as you got everything worked out,
he bailed and screwed up your whole set.

I think you need to keep your act solo -
unless you can work ME in someway (big smile).

I'm sorry, I just can't play or sing. (Holly pout face)

(Maggie stops fiddling with her guitar,
with a interested look in her eye)


I'd love to have my own band,
but I want musicians that are serious, like I am.

Yeah, I know you want it Mag
…so, let's check out Ashley's club and the Bass player.

I don't know if she does your music style,
but I do hear a lot of people talking about how good she is.

Okay, cool - let's meet the bass player.
I'm sure she's already committed to her band -
but maybe we could do a project together or something.

I'm looking for people that I jell with,
and someone that I don't have to teach them every note.

I've been wanting to go to The Point -
I've heard a lot about it becoming a musician's hang-out.

…But isn't it a private club with an age limit?

I'll talk to Bill, but I think as a performer
you won't have a problem.

[[[ Scene 8 ]]]
(at the club 'The Point')
CLUB ANNOUNCER: (Dennis Tolbert & band)
We have a new musician with us tonight - Maggie Love.
She's a singer/songwriter that's played several venues
around her hometown, but this is
her first performance here at The Point.

Miss Maggie Love.

(crowd whistles & hand clapping)

MAGGIE: Hey. This is a little different setting for me -
but I'd like to play a new song that I wrote this week -
called "If Only".

(strums her guitar)

MAGGIE continues:
Who hasn't been in a relationship with someone,
and you're not sure if you should spill your guts,
or just continue to play word games,
or a tug of war in your mind,
hoping you're on the right track. -

If Only.

(Maggie sings her song "If Only")

"If you only knew, how I felt about you - if only"
"If times could change, I could be there today - if only"
"If only -- these two words are holding me now - but how - if only"
"If I say these words, and you don't feel my love - then it's only -- me again"
"It's just me again - no more being friends, no more being friends…"

"So I can't say the words that say how I feel"
"I can't lose your love, and lose something real"
"If only - that's how it is - If only - if only"
"That's how it is - if only, if only, if only"



(Ashley walks over to Maggie with a new girl)

Maggie, this is Mikki,
she plays bass with a band here on Wednesday nights.

Hey Maggie. I like your song.



(Maggie and Mikki start talking music & relating to each other)
(while Holly and Ashley talk to each other, but in a low conversation)

I never get tired of hearing music from new artists.
I love playing and performing.

Most of the stuff my band plays has a pretty heavy beat,
but I also like thoughtful lyrics.

How long does it take to come up with a song like that?

Well, it's always different -
usually it's something that I have been thinking about,
then I finally sit down and put all my thoughts together.

I wish I could sing better -
I try, but mostly I sing in the shower --
you know to the rhythm of the water. (smile)

…I put my shower head on vibrate,
and it gets me going. (laughs)

I've played with bands,
but usually the guys just wanna party.

I want to do more - I like exploring with different sounds -
a thing I was doing last week had more of a Latin feel,
but I've still got to work out the words.

Hey are you into funky music?

Sure - about anything, as long as it's fun to play.
Not much on playing blues -- I like kickin' songs.

Yeah, me too - but I'm also into songs that make you think.
But blues is cool,
if the performer really gets into it,
and starts belting out some real emotion.

(Mikki turns to Ashley as she gets up)

I gotta go, Lee ask me to cover Dennis tonight.

Hey Maggie, I thought I just saw our witch.
I'm gonna go check to make sure.


(blonde woman walks up)

Hello Maggie, my name is Crisa. I like the way you relate to the audience, and I liked your performance. You have a pretty voice, pretty face, and a little different style - all the things I look for when trying to sign a new female artist.

Are you for real?

Yes, I am. I'm with Janna Booking Agency. We drop in on clubs like this sometimes, looking for interesting performers.

I'm a pretty quick judge, and I like what I've seen. Would you be willing to meet with me sometime, so I could explain how we can help you get established - that is if you're looking to do concerts, and travel the world.

(Maggie smiling)

Yeah man - I mean ma-am. I thought I'd have to beg somebody to listen to me, then put up with some old dude throwing passes at me, while he's looking me over - telling me how pretty I am.

Yes, I know there are stories like that - and those guys are still around. We call them hawks - they usually want you to pay for their songs, recording time, but every now and them they do find some 'jewels'. But mostly they are just feasting on the innocent dreamy-eyed talent.

You may have heard it before - if someone asks you for money, then they are probably not convinced that you have any chance of making it. I think you do have a wonderful god-given talent to entertain, and that puts you into that 1% -- which means it's a long shot, but still very possible to be that: 'Entertainer Of The Year'.

May I come to your house to discuss how the recording business works?

…And does this cost me anything? (smiles)
(Maggie smiles )
( - relating the words that Crisa has just told her)


CRISA: (Crisa digs in her pocket & pull out a $100 bill, and her card)
No ma-am, in fact will you please accept this hundred dollar bill, as we simple agree to discuss a few things. Here is my card. Call me when you have some time to discuss your future.

Yeah, I'll take your money. Is this real?

I can assure you it will spend just like plastic.
(Crisa gets up, shakes Maggie's hand,)
(then leaves Maggie at the table)
(Maggie is left there with a dazed look on her face.)




[[[ Scene 9 ]]]
(scene opens up, talking with the witch in a dark corner)

I almost didn't recognize you.

(dressed very sexy)
Well, I don't dress like this much - only when I get a wild hair.
(Norma picks up a lock of her beautiful hair)

(Norma pours something from a bottle in a brown bag)
And I need to get in the bottle with the spirits.

Have some? (Norma motions toward the bag)

You look much younger than the 1st time I saw you.

Yes, I get younger with aged spirits. (smile)

It's all perception anyway.

Yeah, I guess -- you're still kinda spooky.

Only because you still have a lot to learn.

We've been trying to learn,
but there is something strange going on
in the house where we're staying.

We can't get our blood flowing right

And we keep hearing all these weird sounds,
But nothing is there.

Maybe you have spirits living with you.

Sometimes the normal mind can't see the obvious.

Would you come out to our house,
And tell us if you can feel a presence there?

Yes, I will - but I'll pick the time, and let you know.


[[[ Scene 10 ]]]
(candles burning, with Norma motioning in the air, 3 girls present)

Murmuring indistinguishable phrases.

(NORMA looking around the room)
(camera catches the faces of all the girls intensely watching)

(the sound of something crashing in the other room)

There it is again!

Shhhhhh…, quiet.

(intensely looking at Norma - then whispers to Holly)
Hey, I like this.

I feel a warmth emanating from everything.

Warmth, means love

This house is filled with love.

…but wait.

There is a confused soul living here.

Unresolved emotions, betrayed feelings

Yeah, but that's everywhere!


Will this soul hurt us?

I don't feel anything threatening here.

Only a need to be understood.

Man, we all want that!

Who don't want to be understood?!

I told you this was a cool spirit.

Maggie -- forever the insightful optimist.

No wonder you're a musician.

(3 things fall in a row - everybody jumps, but Norma)

Hey Holly, I think you're on the spirit's good side.

(Ashley, still looking around intensely)

This spirit has not caused any harm to anyone has it?

No it hasn't, and I think we're almost used to it.

It's like the soul of the house has a humorous personality
And just wants to see us jump.

Sometimes, I think I hear it laughing at me.

Yeah, I've heard that before,
when nobody's around, and something falls.

Thank you Norma for coming out

I feel a lot better about living here,
With the things you are saying.

Did you really tell Holly and Maggie
all that mushroom stuff?

NORMA: (the slow mood stops abruptly)
Mushroom stuff?

Yeah, they had me lying on the counter
While they spread mushroom root sauce
All over me.

Said it would make me
more spiritually in tune with them,
but all I thought about was James.

(Holly and Maggie start cracking up laughing)

Holly didn't get the mixture right.

Yeah I know - we kinda flubbed that one.

I want to try it again though.

be careful when you mess around
with someone's psyche.

You may not understand
how really powerful the mind is.

Do you see that black pot over there?


Now keep your eyes on it.

(the pot moves and jumps off the counter)

Hey, wow - how did you do that?

Psychic power misdirected,
can move objects, as well as
destroy people's lives.

If I use the powers I have
For personal gain,
Then that force is mirrored back
At me, ten times over -
And can literally destroy me.

Were we were doing that with Ashley?!

Okay, enough hocus-pocus.

Hey Ashley, think you can sleep tonight?

Come sleep with me Maggie! (smile)

No way man,
I'm not getting mirrored back 10 times over.

Ya'll are all cute girls -
Have fun, just have some respect
for things beyond your understanding.

I will have to leave now, as I have another appointment.
(Holly walks Norma toward the door)

I understand music much more than mushrooms.

When did Scott say they were performing at the Point?

What is his singer's name Kendra?

Yeah, she's good

I like her blues stuff the best.

Does she belt it out
like she's been there?

I think so

but she sings about shrooms too (laughs)

I think she's talking about puffin' though.

Yeah, I should do more puffin'.

Okay, Maggie, the puffin muffin.

(Holly walks back in the room)

Ya mean Maggie the Lovin' Puffin' Muffin'?

Okay guys, I get it.

[[[ Scene 11 ]]] (at the Point, Acidic Brew is playing).
(then Dennis Tolbert Band w/Mikki on bass)
(new guy Steve starts hittin' on Holly)

[[[ Scene 12 ]]] (Maggie performing a new song with Mikki on bass).
(recording session at Studio One, Steve is there)

[[[ Scene 13 ]]] (The girls break into the storage room).
(find remnants of a past life - bikes, toys, clothes)
(Ashley tries on an old wedding dress that they find)

[[[ Scene 14 ]]] (They discover the hidden entrance into the bedroom)
(and find monitors with displays of past events)

[[[ Scene 15 ]]] (Wrap up - The House Wins - show faces of the girls
(shocked as they see footage of themselves)

[[[ Scene 16 ]]] (Un-written movie climax…lives only in Bob's head)

Character traits
Jennifer: (Kim Cox)
Wearing a tight business skirt - possibly mini-skirt or split up the side. She is to look alluring, but have a business-like put-on about her.

Dan: (Dan Vogler, Dean Puckett)
A single-guy, funny, with eyes for the female form.


Maggie: (Tish friend, Emmy Smith?)
A musician, looking for ways to make more contacts in the music business.

Holly: (Tish friend, Emily Nicholson, av friend)
Maggie's close friend and buddy, street-smart, but down on guys at the moment.

Ashley: (Tish Flippin)
Pretty, has a boyfriend James, but is not ready to settle down. Wants to model, acts shy and dumb, because she gets more attention that way.

Mikki: (Mikki)
Pretty bass player, that Maggie meets at the point, and asks her to play on her CD.

Crisa: (Christi Vogler)
Music agent that likes Maggie's style

Norma: (Donna Brown)
A white witch, helps people, doubles as an SBI agent to help solve murder cases.

James: (av) plays bass with Acidic Brew
Ashley's boyfriend - only appears during a recording session - to play guitar for Maggie -- tries to explain to Ashley about the other girls

Steve: (Steve in AnndCut)
Holly's new-found interest - appears during a recording session.

HiddenBodyOnBed: (bv)
Details to be revealed at shooting

Amy: (Emily Nicholson) , Britta (Amanda Hodges)
James' new girlfriends that shows up when Acidic Brew is playing

Shooting events

Dan & Jennifer meet at the house.
Jennifer & girls
Three girls sitting around the counter talking.
Maggie and Holly digging in the ground at college
Ashley on the phone with Dan
Ashley lying on the counter, when Maggie and Holly come in
(blood and mushroom mixture - chocolate syrup, bean-sprouts, & cherry juice)
Ashley on counter with blood/mushroom mix being spread over her
Blood dripping from the mouths of Maggie, and Holly, as they look at Ashley
Maggie and Holly downstairs adding blood to mushrooms
(breaking into storage room)
(finding a hidden entrance into locked master bedroom)


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