Studio History

A little history of Vogler Studios -- which started out as Studio One in 1992

In the beginning I named it Studio One -- and I was ready to start recording local bands -- I'd been recording myself and other family pickin's for years, but I decided to get serious about it while credit cards were easy to get. I read a bunch of Mix magazines to learn about recording equipment, then started buying. I bought a Tascam DA-88 digital multi-track recorder, then added a similar DA-38 unit; a 32 channel 8 buss Mackie board; a couple of outboard Roland effects units. I picked up a set of Yamaha NS-10 monitor speakers (THE standard at the time in most studios). I purchased another industry standard -- a Panasonic SV-3700 DAT recorder, then checked out all the mics in the local music stores, eventually choosing the EV757 dynamic directional mics. I picked up several pairs of Sony MDR-V7 headphones (very similar to the 7506 -- and best headphones I've ever heard). In the studio I didn't want to wall off everything, but I did put the drums in a separate room -- that's the center photo with a sliding door with a plexi-glass window. Not fully isolated, but enough to tame down the cymbals which can wipe out the vocals. The studio is an open room about 30x30 with an 8' plus ceiling, with the mixing console off to the left side. The layout helps me to see everything that is going on in the room. Then since I like to video most recording sessions, I hung a camera from the ceiling to capture it as it all went down. I've video taped most all recording sessions from 1992.

In the Fall of 2006 I started "Carolina Music Scene" as an advertisement for the studio. I recorded local bands and musicians for free, then edited the tape with multiple cameras with scene transitions and sent them to Time-Warner to have them aired -- every Friday night at midnight. We taped 26 shows before finally burning out. In the transition to begin recording audio directly to the computer, I upgraded the video editing system and well..., the learning curve became too time-consuming to keep everything flowing.

I want to thank all the bands and the hosts that helped me keep the CMS shows going for about 18 months -- and we had a lot of fun doing it. I hope to get it revived soon with new shows -- this time around the shows will be internet only, and I'll try to keep the editing down to a minimum. We actually put too much time into the videos trying to produce a weekly music video -- impossible to keep up that up for long. I have most of the videos on my CMS page. More recent music videos are posted on YouTube (

I just moved all the previous NetOneMusic recordings to the VoglerStudios site now under the StudioOne page.


Phase II: In the spring of 2011, we added 2 more rooms to the studio, then moved the mixer and monitoring equipment to very quiet separate control room with a 4 ft thick chimney and block wall between this room and the main studio. We added movable carpet panels to the walls and matching black carpet panels on the ceiling as well as other cosmetic touches including a vault door to the control room to seal out the sound. The carpet panels work well to dampen the sound as well as look good on video. The vault door is working well. With the loudest rock band jamming away, you can barely hear any sound leaking into the control room -- which lets you actually hear the sound that the mics are picking up. We have upgraded to Apple computers -- Mac Pro for audio using Pro Tools and/or Adobe Audition cs 5.5 on the Mac Pro. We've added a couple of Sony 1920 x 1080 46" monitors to display the recording controls as well as video activity. Also, we've upgraded the audio interfaces to include MOTU 896 HD, & MOTU 896 mk3, -- we are now direct to digital, recording up to 16 tracks at once, but with unlimited additional tracks. We've added a few more mics including EV 767s and a Rode NT 2 condenser. The main focus of the studio is to do live music videos.


Thanks for the attention, Bob Vogler

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