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|| I Need A Beer || Jerkin' My Chain || I'm In A Rut

|| A Little Older, A Little Wiser || Only A Minute

© 2003 Bob Vogler



The Poet



Words can be strong, though they be spoken softly

Words can fill you with joy, or make your day sink

A single word, can carry you for days

Remembering a word, as it slowly fades


Harsh words remain longer, than kind ones

And get replayed in your mind, more often

The words you speak, reflect your life

Though you may not speak, of your life


When you write those words down

You reveal your innermost thoughts


Copyright © 1993 Bob Vogler, All Rights Reserved.




Fooling You

Blocks in front of me, drapes behind me

A rumble in the distance, as I struggle to see

Lights flash through my memory

Many doors surround me

As I touch a green space

The floor moves and I see a tree


The tree is covered with clouds

Each one thicker that the next

A chain falls from a cloud

Then closes around my neck

The chain gets tighter, then breaks into

Who am I fooling -- only you


Copyright © 1993 Bob Vogler, All Rights Reserved.



A Doer

A man told me a story, about the kinds of men

Some men are thinkers boy, they plan then begin

Other men are doers, they don't care to make a plan

He told me I'm a doer, and that's where I began


Sometimes I think about it, that maybe he was right

And many things I've started, without a plan insight

But if I am this doer, that performs without a plan

Then why are there so many things, that I've hardly began

Sometimes I have a plan, but it's only in my mind

If I write it down, it will only take more time

Why write out the plans, if I know what I should do

Then another plan comes to mind, and I don't know which to do


So then I think about it, and ponder what to do

I turn it every which a way, so I can see it through

By the time I get finished, I've done it a thousand ways

That's why it takes so long, and that's all I've have to say


Copyright © 1992 Bob Vogler, All Rights Reserved.





The sound of thunder, as I woke from a dream

The rain pouring down, had formed a stream

Lightning is always, impressive to see

As I watched trees, swaying in the breeze


Call it nature, the forces we see

Maybe good or evil, as some perceive

Many things beyond man, that can't be explained

At least by man, using his brain


I've given in to the forces of nature

And I 'm going to bed -- it's 3:57 A.M.


Copyright © 1992 Bob Vogler, All Rights Reserved.


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